FR Protection Fabrics
Why FR Protective Fabrics?
Everyday work clothes can ignite, burn or melt when exposed to electric arc flash, flash fires or other heat-related hazards. The extent of a burn injury will determine the victim’s chance for survival. That’s why workers in the petroleum, petrochemical, electric and gas utility industries, as well as the fire service and racing markets use work clothes made out of fire retardant (FR) protective fabrics. Learn More...
Fabric Options:
• FR Denim 120™
• DuPont™ Protera®
• Firewear®
• Synergy®

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Government/Military Fabrics
Springfield supplies a wide variety of flame-resistant and static-dissipative fabrics to the United States military, friendly foreign militaries and other governmental agencies. We produce fabrics with the durability and color consistency required for military uniforms. Our technical staff concentrates on innovative technologies that exceed the expectations of military/government specifications and end item manufacturers... Learn More...
Fabric Options:
• Herringbone Stretch White 521
• Postal Blue 5001
• FR Shipboard Trouser
• P/D Sage 1590
• OCP - Operation Enduring   Freedom Camouflage Print

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Occupational Products
Occupational Products
Springfield weaves, dyes and finishes fabrics that feature the durability and color consistency required for professional uniforms and work clothing. Through decades of experience, our manufacturing and technical teams have built the special culture necessary to meet and exceed the demanding expectations of the global uniformed workforce.

Springfield manufactures a wide variety of occupational fabrics, and is the premier U.S. manufacturer of yarn dyed oxfords and patterned shirting fabrics for the industrial uniform trade. Learn More...
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Springfield Company overview

Fabrics Made with American Ingenuity

Company OverviewA decade ago, Springfield was the newest manufacturer of fire resistant products in the industry. Today, we are a frontrunner with the capacity to become the premier FR global supplier.

What does that mean to you? To gain worldwide acceptance in so short a time is testimony to the consistency of the quality and performance of our American-made products. And the good old-fashioned way we do business. 
Springfield LLC is a textile manufacturer specializing in the development and production of fire retardant fabrics for the military and workforce. We also offer custom product development, weaving, dyeing and finishing. Our fabrics are designed to meet NFPA, ASTM, government/military as well as Canadian and European standards. State-of-the-art production and testing equipment gives us a strategic competitive and manufacturing advantage. Learn More...

Cutting edge production & inspection equipment gives us a strategic competitive & manufacturing advantage

ITEX MachineThe I-TEX computerized visual inspection system ensures the highest quality woven fabric. It automatically detects, memorizes, displays and further grades defects and irregularities appearing in textiles.

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